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    WEB NEWS - Americans protest against NSA spying

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    Today on the net: Americans protest against NSA spying. It’s now possible to buy firearms via Instagram in the United States. And a vocal group pays tribute to Beyoncé.

    Americans protest against NSA spying
    With the NSA’s surveillance program remaining at the heart of fierce debate across Europe, with a number of countries launching a diplomatic offensive and demanding answers from the United States, a lot of American citizens are voicing concern over the scale of the spying carrying out by the US intelligence agency. They too have been targeted by the NSA and have taken to the streets and the web to speak out.
    As we can see from these pieces of amateur footage and pictures, thousands gathered in Washington on Saturday to denounce the monitoring of American people. Demonstrators want an end to this blanket surveillance and have slammed the president Barack Obama, saying he is flouting the constitutional rights of his fellow citizens…
    Campaigning for the authorities to shed as much light as possible on the bugging scandals is also well underway on the web, with over 583 000 people have signed this petition demanding Congress reveal the extent of the spying program in the United States. Web users have also been posting under the keywords “stop watching us”, to appeal directly to the powers that be calling for an end to the NSA’s monitoring of Americans.
    A lot of well-known faces have also joined the combat ; film maker Olivier Stone for example or actor John Cusack ; they both took part in this video which denounces the NSA’s practices and features celebrities who believe the US intelligence agency’s surveillance program is a ... Go on reading on our web site.

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