Koichiro Uehara Mixtape

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Instagram: @magentaskateboards

Magenta pro Quick Feet Master Koichiro Uehara skateboarding in and around his hometown of Osaka, Japan

Footage mostly unseen outside of Japan from TBPR's Dialogue Between Insiders & LENZ DVDs - Available for Europe on http://www.magentaskateboards.com/shop/fr/9-dvds-music

Filmed by Shinpei Ueno & Shingo Ogura
Edited by Yoan Taillandier

Look out for Koichiro & the Magenta team in SOLEIL LEVANT. A France x Japan film aimed at making you want to skate & connect with people worldwide.
DVD OUT NOW in good skateshops worldwide & online:
EUROPE: http://www.magentaskateboards.com/shop/fr/best-of/313-soleil-levant-dvd.html
USA: http://theoriesofatlantis.bigcartel.com/product/soleil-levant-dvd-pre-order
JAPAN: http://fatbros.shop-pro.jp/

Magenta Skateboards - WORLDWIDE CONNECTIONS - 2013

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