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    70-year-old man shot by moose hunter in Norway

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    A 70-year-old man in Norway was accidentally shot by a moose hunter while sitting on the toilet, according to a report in The Local. The man was inside his cabin when the hunter's powerful rifle sent a bullet whizzing past a moose and through a wooden wall from 100 meters away. Police believe the man didn't know there was a cabin behind the giant animal he was aiming for.

    The elderly man took the bullet in the abdomen and was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in nearby Ulleval, south east of Oslo. The report said his injury was serious, but not life-threatening. The moose escaped unscathed.

    Police said the hunter was utterly distraught upon learning what he had done to the innocent man.

    Sky News reported that the wife of the victim is taking the incident with grace. Anders Stroemsaether, the policeman leading the investigation, said "His wife is clear that she does not hold a grudge against the hunter who shot (her husband). She is of course upset by what has happened, but she is being taken care of by the police and her family."

    There are estimated to be more than 100,000 moose in Norway. Last month, dozens of the creatures descended upon the small town of Sandnessjoen, making their presence known for several weeks.

    To keep the giant animals off of roads, Norway is presently testing a system of 'disco poles' which emit sharp sounds and flashing lights each time a passing car triggers a sensor. The poles will be placed every 50 meters along chosen roads and if the experiment is successful in keep the moose away, Norway's Public Roads Administration will install them on all routes frequented by the creatures.


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