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    Incredibly Fluffy Angora Rabbits Make Hearts Melt

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    This white Angora rabbit is among the fluffiest of its kind.

    Ask anyone what they find adorable. The most common responses would be fluffy animals and babies.

    Angora rabbits are an unbelievably cute, but little known form of life. One quick peek and they appear to be giant, heaping piles of fur however a closer inspection of one may reveal a small mouth and nose protruding from the mass of fluff, but that’s usually only if the coat is trimmed.

    One white Angora rabbit in particular is among the fluffiest of its kind. The entire are surrounding the animal’s body is surrounded by sheer white, soft fur, making the facial features nearly impossible to see.

    The fluff from the bunnies is classified as Angora wool, which is commonly used to create luxuriously soft sweaters and garments. The rabbits can also easily be kept as domestic pets.

    Their temperament is said to be extremely docile. While the origin of the angora rabbit is not known for sure, its believed the western discovery of the animals dates back to the 18th century – that’s when several sightseeing sailors arrived at a Turkish port which was called Angora.

    The sailors took some of the rabbits from Angora back home to France, which is where the rabbits’ wool was first manufactured into yarn.