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    Serial Panty Thief Busted by Victim's Husband

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    For the past year, a serial thief in south west France, who targeted ladies’ panties, was stealing from clothing lines in several towns.

    When using a clothing line, you might want to keep track of the number of pieces left to dry.

    Over the last few months, a serial thief in south west France targeted ladies’ panties and was stealing from clothing lines in several towns. Many local women were affected by the thefts, but it was one husband in particular who decided to do something.

    After his wife became too scared to leave the house, the dedicated hubby, named Dominique installed a surveillance system in the backyard. Dominique took a mental note of the stealing patterns too.

    The panty snatcher usually struck on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Dominique decided to stay up until the early morning hours in an effort to catch the thief red-handed.

    He set up a makeshift stall in his shed and waited. Sure enough, the thief, wearing a scarf, gloves and hat as part of a disguise returned.

    The bandit had already stolen about 70 pairs of panties from Dominique’s wife. The hubby jumped out of his hiding spot and busted the suspect.

    Dominique stated “At that point my two sons intervened, and got him under control in the end. They tied his feet together and we waited for the police.”

    The 35-year-old culprit reportedly confessed and was sentenced to community service.