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    Kobi Levi's 'Write' Shoe Design Based on Pencil and Notebook

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    For those interested in writing or enthusiastic about the return of the new school year, Kobi Levi has created a special pair of heels simply called ‘Write’.

    For most women, finding that perfect pair of shoes, reflective of their own unique sense of style isn’t as easy as you might think. Kobi Levi is one designer who specializes in funkiness.

    The end result being truly original footwear. Destined to be a hit with unique shoe devotees wanting to channel their inner librarian is Levi‘s literary-inspired creation simply called ‘Write’. Basically the design incorporates a pencil and paper.

    Levi describes the elements stating “This new design combines a pencil stiletto with a standard paper notebook upper. The "edges" are the basis for this design." The pencil top heel is capped off with a pink eraser and the paper sheets meet on top of the toe and form a bow.

    Levi also pointed out how he got the idea for the uniue design. It was all completely innocent and entirely random.

    He claimed to have been writing in an old school notebook when he dropped his pencil. From that simple mishap, the concept for the ‘Write’ shoe was born.

    The shoes are currently available for a price of $800.

    How do you like the concept?