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    Top 10 most beautiful girls

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    The news is abuzz with the pop singer Beyonce receiving the top honors as most beautiful woman in the world ... nine ladies who round up the list of world's top ten most beautiful women. ... Shraddha Kapoor turns biker girl for Mohit Suri's next,
    We have picked the top most 25 beautiful girls worldwide
    who are considered to be the most beautiful in the industry. Below is the list of them

    There’s more to beauty than just a pretty face; it’s also important to have an enigmatic character to go with a perfect face and body. The following are just some of the finest women who seem to have it all – stunning looks, amazing body, and an infectious charm, which make them the top 10 most beautiful girls in 2013.
    10. Naomi Watts

    Her timeless beauty and appeal are just a few of the reasons why she was chosen to play Princess Diana, in the 2013 biopic. Naomi has what it takes to do justice to the Princess of Wales, as she is an embodiment of a true royalty. It’s her exquisite ability to combine charm, vulnerability and class that makes her a natural for that role.
    9. Alicia Keys

    Seductive, classy and totally alluring, Alicia is known for her electrifying voice and musical talent, as well as her great looks. In fact, this chart-topping artist constantly tops almost anyone’s list of beautiful people of all time, and she deserves to be a part of it. When she’s not caught up in her albums, she does some acting – and does pretty good at it.
    8. Angelina Jolie

    What makes Angelina amazingly perfect is not her captivating face, voluptuous figure, or her sexy accent. For the most part, this ethereally charming woman is one of most selfless and kind-hearted person in Hollywood. No wonder she remains close to many people’s heart, and of course, Brad’s.
    7. Zooey Deschanel

    In the world of bombshells and self-proclaimed Hollywood goddesses, there remains a spot for the ever-adorable Zooey Deschanel. Named after one of the characters in J.D Salinger’s novel, Zooey seemed rather destined to be eccentric and quirky in a fascinating sense. When she’s not busy playing her ukelele and singing for her Indie band, Zooey is preoccupied with her TV sitcom “The New Girl”. As we watch her in that show, you have to admit that there was a minute or two when she got you captivated because of her big, mesmerizing blue eyes.
    6. Anne Hathaway

    During her teen years, Anne was best known for her wholesome and charming role as Princess Mia in Disney’s Princess Diaries. But for many of us, we remember her for her feisty character as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. No one could ever pull off that role brilliantly as Anne did, and that’s only one of the reasons that make her a versatile and genuinely competent actress.
    5. Amanda Seyfried

    It’s quite surprising that she once thought of herself as seriously ugly since we find no trace of that “ugliness” in this completely alluring Hollywood icon. It’s her mysterious aura, coupled with that envy-worthy body and tons of acting talent that makes her a crowd favorite.
    4. Kate Middleton

    Who could ever resist the enchanting appeal of Kate Middleton? After all, she’s as perfect as she can get – chic, elegant, alluring, smart, and Britain’s future queen! It’s not surprising that gossip media and paparazzi keeps on chasing after her because of her unique charm that not many royalties possess.
    3. Rose Byrne

    Irresistible is Rose Byrne’s middle name, and that we all know after seeing her in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Although she only had a minor in that film, she was definitely someone worth staring at. As if that were not enough, she gave another reason for people to admire her once more in her hit flick Damages, where she also received several Emmy nominations.
    2. Amy Adams

    This alluring redhead is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood over the past couple of years. In fact, she has captivated a lot of movie fans in four stars in 2012 alone. What’s more, she is bound to keep us at the edge of our seats when we watch her play the role of Lois Lane in Man of Steel.
    1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has everything you can ever look for in a woman – the body, the face, and an English accent that will keep you gawking and fantasizing for hours. After all, she took our breath away when she starred in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Quite honestly, there are only a few women who could ever replace Megan Fox’s character in that film, but Rosie did it rather effortlessly.
    These are only some of the good-looking women in 2013. With their enigma, remarkable character and superb looks, it is safe to say that they are also worth considering as the most beautiful women of all time.