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    Best Katy Perry 'Prism' Songs: Roar or Ghost?


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    Katy Perry just released her brand new album, PRISM, full of amazing songs. Which five are the best? We have your countdown!
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    It's time to break down this week Top 5 list -- and today it's all about the queen of the Katy-Kats and the woman of the hour -- she's gone from California girl to queen of the jungle --- it's Katy Perry and her brand new album PRISM. Right now we're running down the top 5 singles from the release...and we're kicking it off with number 5.

    This is a song that has maybe the most popular title of all time because The Beatles, Destiny's Child, Flo Rida and Selena Gomez have all released songs by the exact same name in the past. Any guesses? It's Birthday! In the upbeat track, Katy sings to a certain someone special -- cough John Mayer -- about making it this person's birthday every day. We love this song and at the end she says "happy birthday," in the coolest, yet creepiest voice of all time. As always, Katy is the perfect balance of silly and sassy!

    Coming in at number 4 off our Prism-must-listen-list is a collab that's had everyone talking for months -- it's Dark House -- the track features rapper Juicy J. So this song is a new foray for Katy into the world of trap music. If you're asking the question "what is trap music" right now here's' the definition. -- Trap music is one third hip hop, one third dubstep and one third dub. -- This song has some great edgy lyrics and shows off Katy's love of girl power ask she sings about being dark horse, warning those who come at her, even singing "she eat your heart out/like Jeffrey Dahmer."A little wild, but we like it...

    Moving on to our number 3's Ghost. This song already has people talking and questioning who the song could be about...and there seems to be consensus. This track is definitely about Katy's ex-husband Russel Brand. In fact, in the past, Katy even said that if people wanted to know what happened with her divorce, they'd have to listen to the album...and now we know that Russel Brand is just a ghost to Katy Perry. Katy says her vision is 20/20 and she can see through him now, and from the lyrics it sounds like Russel put an end to their marriage via text --seriously, who does that? -- And you know what, Katy is so sweet and such a quality person, she doesn't have any mean lyrics. On the contrary, she sings about seeing this person on the other about being the bigger person.
    At number 2 on our must-listen list from Katy Perry's album Prism is the latest song from the album to take over the radio -- it's unconditionally and it's absolutely got to be about Katy's new-ish beau John Mayer. She sings about taking the good days with the bad, walking through the storm, not asking any questions, because she loves him unconditionally. You've gotta jump on board with this empowering track Open up your heart and just let it begin! This is a beautiful love song that will have you smiling and maybe even tearing up a little bit too..

    Alright, we've finally arrived at our number one must-listen song for Katy Perry. Here's a hint -- jump rope and boxing -- any guesses? Obviously, it's ROAR! This song was the debut single from Prism for a reason...because it's totally and completely awesome. The upbeat vibe of the music coupled with the relatable lyrics are something that everyone can relate with. I mean, hello even Oprah Winfrey loves this song -- she tweeted Katy Perry following her VMA performance to say "Hearing you Roar!" So, I rest my case. Oprah loves it, we love it, and you don't love it yet, you will soon.

    In all honesty, the entire album is incredible -- so make sure to get Prism for yourself because it's out right now! Let us know which track off Katy Perry's new album has your roaring and you can do that commenting below. Don't forget to come back to ClevverTV every single Friday for the top 5 breakdown. I'm Joslyn Davis -- thanks for watching!

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