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    Jets fan punches woman: Kurt Paschke once killed a teen, faces charges

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    Kurt Paschke, the New Jersey Jets fan seen punching a female New England Patriots follower after Sunday's game, once served three years in prison for knifing a 17-year-old to death.

    Video of Kurt Paschke punching Jaclyn Nugent in the face has since gone viral, racking up more than 1 million views on YouTube. The incident took place at MetLife stadium in New Jersey after the Jets narrowly beat the Patriots 30-27.

    Not only did the New York Daily News and other media uncover the identity of the pugilistic fan, reporters also learned of his criminal background.

    Kurt Paschke, 38, once served three years in prison in the 1990s after he was convicted of killing 17-year-old Henri Ferrer during a fight behind a pizza parlor on Long Island. Paschke was also 17 years old at the time of the fight and had just graduated from high school.

    The killing took place in June 1992. Paschke and Ferrer were drawn into a fight that resulted in Paschke stabbing Ferrer four times in the upper body. Paschke's lawyers argued self defense, saying Paschke used the knife after he was badly beaten.

    Paschke has since lived an unremarkable life as a Jets fan. He is the owner of the Jets Mobile, which is a $3,000 van refurbished and remodelled in a green-and-white color scheme as a homage to his favorite team. Paschke and the Jets Mobile have been featured in several articles.

    Paschke's bonafides as a Jets superfan is without question ... even more so now that he has proven himself willing to punch a female Patriots fan the face in defense of his team.


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