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    Florida man shoots self in head, accidentally hits nearby woman

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    Florida resident Michael Bruty decided to take his own life last Wednesday and almost killed a nearby woman, Jeane Sams, in the process.

    Bruty, 28, had been engaged in a shouting match with his girlfriend outside their Port Richey condo. The argument, which had by then attracted a small crowd of neighbors, escalated to the point where Bruty felt compelled to put a gun to his head. He threatened to shoot.

    Despite pleas by his girlfriend to think things through, he stuck to his word.

    He died at the scene.

    "He was a good kid," his grandmother Zoe Kostopoulos told the Tampa Bay Times. "He didn't look like the suicidal type."

    Bruty's recklessness, however, nearly also took the life of Jeane Sams who was over at her cousin's place with her children and her fiancee.

    The group was eating pizza and watching Monsters Inc. when Sams had to step out to take a call.

    Bruty's bullet travelled through his head and hit Sams. It entered through her right leg just above the knee and bruised her left leg.

    Police are still unsure of the exact trajectory as two parked cars blocked the most direct trajectory between Bruty and Sams.

    Bruty died at the scene. Sams was taken to a nearby hospital and was expected to survive.


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