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    Racist man on London tube arrested for hate speech

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    A racist English man has been arrested after getting recorded on camera verbally attacking a Japanese woman with hateful speech on the London Underground on Tuesday.

    The 52-year-old man from Watford was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offense, according to the BBC. British Transport Police launched an investigation after the video showing the incident was posted to YouTube.

    The video, which almost runs six minutes in length, clearly shows the man, who appears to be drunk, verbally assaulting a Japanese woman. In his rant, he tells the woman that his uncle was killed at the River Kwai and that two of his cousins were tortured and killed. He says the Japanese are nasty people, and then compares them to the Germans. Clearly making references to World War II, the man in his early 50s would have been more 15 years after the war ended.

    At one point in the video, the woman defends herself when the man calls her nasty, by returning the insult. The man continues until he gets distracted by the man recording the tirade who attempts to reason with the inebriated hater.

    The cameraman reminds the ranter that the woman in question had nothing to do with the deaths of his kin, then the discussion continues with the abuse redirected at the man taking the video. The man then explains that he is ex-parachute regiment and that he served two tours in Northern Ireland, as well as in the Falklands. He tells what sounds to be a younger man that he could take him down in one punch. Then he pulls out a bottle of wine, offers some of it before taking it back with a "No! Because you don't drink!"

    The Watford man, who is out on bail, is expected to be brought before magistrates on October 30.


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