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    Real Golden Eye:New EMP device developed by NATO to defense suicide bombers

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    Originally published on September 23, 2013

    NATO recently released a video demonstrating a new device developed by NATO scientists in Norway that uses an intense pulse of electromagnetic energy to interfere with electronics on a moving vehicle.

    The device uses electromagnetic pulses to create an intense magnetic field that damages electronic circuitry.

    The device is designed to prevent suicide bombers from detonating their bombs and it is hoped it can also be used to defend ships against pirate attacks. It is portable and can be mounted at the back of a car to disable a pursuing car.

    Researchers in Norway working as part of NATO's Science and Technology Organization have shown that the device can also disable jet skis and drones.

    "The ignition will generate a very high electromagnetic pulse and it will interfere with the control system inside the car so the car engine will stop," Ernst Krogager, task group chairman of the Nato STO group, is quoted as saying by RT.

    "It's a fairly safe and simple way of doing it and its also non-lethal, it doesn't actually kill anyone or harm anyone, and it doesn't really harm the vehicle much either," said Odd Harry Arnesen, a senior research scientist at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, according to RT.

    NATO has not explained how the device works, but it likely uses microwaves or radio frequency energy. The device is only effective against electronic devices. Older vehicles that rely on purely mechanical equipment will not be affected.

    There are concerns as to whether the beam will harm people and if the beam is narrow enough to be directed at a single target without disabling other vehicles. Further tests as set to be conducted and will conclude in 2014.


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