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    Dogs in Germany Overdosing From Feces of Drug Addicts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Canines in Berlin are overdosing after eating human feces, usually left behind in public parks.

    Pet owners have to constantly keep an eye on what their pets are grabbing during their walks. In a disturbing report, canines in Berlin are overdosing, after eating human feces, usually left behind in public parks.

    The problem is that illegal drugs are present in the excrement that the dogs are consuming. Parks in several areas of Germany’s capital are a common ground for drug users to gather.

    In many instances the addicts will defecate in bushes or other less traveled spots throughout the parks. However the pooches, that are often free to roam without being leashed, are picking up on the scent and quickly eating the human waste.

    Local veterinarians are dealing with the aftermath and many have gone public warning pet owners that they have seen an increase in the number of cases concerning dog poisoning from illegal drugs like heroin.

    Many of the affected animals are being brought into local clinics unable to walk or stand. Common systems include shaking, a rapid heartbeat and dehydration.

    Animal owners are encouraged to bring their dog to the nearest veterinary facility immediately if an overdose if suspected.