And can it be - Chris Lawton at Wellingborough United Reformed Church, Northamptonshire

Christopher Lawton
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Me playing the organ at Wellingborough (High Street) United Reformed Church, Northamptonshire.

The organ was originally built as a 3 manual by J Binns of Leeds. In 1913, this was expanded to 4 manuals by the John Compton Organ Company Ltd who rebuilt the organ in 1932. Im more recent years, the organ has been overhauled and a new electrical system fitted. The specification reads:

Resultant Bass 32'
Open Diapason 16'
Violone 16'
Bourdon 16'
Octave 8'
Violoncello 8'
Bass Flute 8'
Octave Flute 4'
Bombarde 16'
Tromba 8'
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Solo to Pedal

Geigen Principal 8'
Lieblich Gedact 8'
Dulciana 8'
Gamba 8'
Stopped Flute 4'
Nazard 2.2/3'
Piccolo 2'
Orchestral Oboe 8'
Clarinet 8'
Sub Octave
Swell to Choir
Solo to Choir

Double Open Diapason 16'
Open Diapason I 8'
Open Diapason II 8'
Open Diapason III 8'
Stopped Diapason 8'
Principal 4'
Harmonic Flute 4'
Twelfth 2.2/3'
Fifteenth 2'
Mixture IV
Posaune 8'
Swell to Great 16'
Swell to Great 8'
Swell to Great 4'
Choir to Great
Solo to Great

Open Diapason 8'
Hohl Flute 8'
Echo Viole 8'
Voix Celeste 8'
Principal 4'
Fifteenth 2'
Mixture II
Contra Oboe 16'
Cornopean 8'
Clarion 4'
Sub Octave

Large Open Diapason 8'
Gross Flute 8'
Bombarde 16'
Tuba 8'
Tuba Clarion 4'

6 thumb pistons to Great
6 thumb pistons to Swell duplicated by toe pistons
6 thumb pistons to Choir
4 thumb pistons to Solo
6 toe pistons to Pedal
3 reversible thumb pistons
2 reversible toe pistons
1 general cancel thumb piston
Great and pedal pistons combined
Double touch canceller to each division

For this first video I am playing the hymn 'And can it be' to the tune 'Sagina' which makes use of the Compton Tuba at the end of each verse.

Many thanks to the church officials for allowing me access to wonderful Compton organ.

For more information on the John Compton Organ Company Ltd and to see me play other Compton organs, please click on the following link for my site dedicated to the John Compton Organ Company Ltd: