The Ultimate Scare Prank Freak Outs Compilation

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This Halloween remember... scaring means caring.


hai ragione e cosi ogni tanto ce un pochino di violenza
By Vin Ben August
That early video of a Black guy punching the person: expected, since violence is their usual response to everything.
By ItComesNaturally August
hai ragione ma ogni tanto bisogna pur ridere
By Vin Ben August
Lol yeah hahaha
Imagine what WHITE GENOCIDE would be like.
You would have to flood EVERY and ONLY white countries with millions of non-whites.
Then you would have to demoralize ALL whites by screaming RACIST! at them if they objected
Then you would have to pass laws to FORCE integrate all those non-whites into every facet of White society
Then you would have to…Oh wait. This is already happening!
They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White
Anti-racist is a codeword word for anti-White
By Jason Hutchinson August
troppo bellooooooooo gooddddddd
By Vin Ben August
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