Almayer's Folly / La Folie Almayer (2012) - Trailer ENG SUBS

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Directed by : Chantal Akerman
Produced by : Liaison Cinématographique
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 7 min
French release: 25/01/2012
Production year: 2011

A river roars.
The sun burns your eyes. A woman loses her mind. A girl sings in a honky tonk. A Chinese man on opium dreams. Running after a child through the jungle. Lightning.
A marriage without love. A veil of sadness. Boundless joy. You will not have Nina. A young girl walks to the end of the night. Black sun.
A father cries out his love. An outcast. An empty rowboat wobbles in the storm. Humid palm trees glisten. A dead man. Mosquitoes. A telluric film.
A tragic story, like all Greek tragedies that never age. A tale as old as the world. A story as young as the world. Of love and folly. Of impossible dreams.

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