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    Radiation-Proof Underwear Hits Japanese Market

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A swimwear company in Japan will soon release radiation-proof underwear and swimsuits.

    The radiation fallout from Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan continues to concern local residents.

    Now, a swimwear company in the country plans to release radiation-proof underwear and swimwear.

    Priced at about 800 dollars a pair, the undergarments promise added defense against harmful rays.

    As far as comfort goes, there’s probably none to be had as the carbon-embedded rubber garment weighs over 7 pounds.

    It’s not very stylish, either, but given that they were designed to protect those working in the contaminated areas near Fukushima, aesthetics aren’t likely high on the list of concerns.

    Both it and the wetsuit-like swimwear made of the same radiation-blocking material are intended to add an extra layer of protection beneath the standard garb.

    What most differentiates them from other items on the market is the level of defense they offer.

    Said the manufacturer, "The clothes which protect from two kinds of radiation - beta and gamma rays - … are the first development of such kind in the world."

    The swimwear is said to block nearly 100 percent of the beta variety.

    Being exposed to radiation can lead to a number of serious health conditions, including cancer.