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    5 Halloween Outfits for Your Pet Hamster

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The La Marmota Café Etsy store features five popular Halloween costumes for your pet hamster.

    Maybe you’re one of the many people who dress up their beloved pets. If so, no doubt you’ll enjoy the many mini Halloween costumes available online for everyone from dogs to rabbits. Specifically, if you happen to have a pet hamster, have a look at these 5 trick or treat treasures on Etsy:

    Number 5 – Look, up on the wheel! It’s a toy hummingbird! It’s a paper plane! It’s Super…ham? This Superman cape is the best choice for any hamster of steel.

    Number 4 – Maybe your hamster has a darker side…a dark knight side that is. This Batman cape will have your hamster saying, “Pow! Bam! To the hamster cage!”

    Number 3 – The team captain of your hamster crew deserves a Captain America costume. All the other Avengers will be jealous and the bad guys afraid, very afraid.

    Number 2 – If superheroes aren’t your hamster’s cup of food pellets, try this graduation cap and gown on for size. It’s sure to inspire a doctorate degree in chewing.

    Number 1 – And for the primitive beast in your hamster, this dinosaur costume is all the roar…or squeak as the case may be.