10 Nightmare-Worthy Japanese Halloween Costumes

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Check out 10 bizarre halloween outfits from Japan.

Forget the haunted houses and horror movies, America. You’ve missed the boat on a whole other kind of disturbing…the kind you can’t get out of your head. Here are 10 bizarre Japanese Halloween Costumes according to cracked.com:

Number 10 – Cake Hat Lady – Annoyingly happy lady meets Strawberry Shortcake.

Number 9 – Floppy Hair Day – Will the real rockabilly please stand up?

Number 8 – Cow of the Living Dead – Shudder at this bovine zombie walking the earth.

Number 7 – The Headcracker – If you’re on the naughty list, beware of Santa in a tutu.

Number 6 – Radio Starlet Is Born – To a circus clown and yodeling alpine woman.

Number 5 – Big Bad Reindeer – Rudolph copies Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf.

Number 4 – 50 Shades of “Fe-Male Hu-Mon” – Gender-bending costume or sexual punishing device…you decide.

Number 3 – Sees All – The awkward feeling of your date staring at you…only much more awkward since he’s half naked.

Number 2 – Monkey Bodysuit – Why is he holding his tail and looking at you that way? I’d run now.

Number 1 – Immobilized Woman – While not the life of the party, she’s successfully creeping everyone out.