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    Millions of Women in India Kept a Fast for Husbands' Longevity

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    The Indian festival known as 'Karwa Chauth' is celebrated across the country. Millions of women keep a fast for their husbands' long lives.

    In India, there's one day that men should be especially nice to their wives. Because on the day of the Karwa Chauth festival, which is usually observed towards the end of October, millions of women keep a day long fast just so their husbands can live a long life.

    The fast takes places from dawn to dusk. The day starts early with many having a traditional meal before sunrise however, in the modern times, anything filling suffices.

    Typically, the mother-in-law is the one who takes care of those early meals. During the day, women don't eat anything and most don't even drink water . Temples are very crowded with throngs of couples worshipping and wives are seen in festive, colorful attire.

    The fast is broken at the first sighting of the moon and on no other day of the year is moon's appearance as eagerly anticipated as it is on Karwa Chauth.

    At that time, wives look at their husbands through a mesh container and then they can start eating again.

    Lavish gifts are exchanged within the family.

    In the end, it's all smiles and husbands sleep better knowing that they will live a long life.