Baby Constipation Solution


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Ley Lest
hi. My son is 2 yo and have had trouble with constipation a few times and i have found a dose of brown sugar in water wonders the next morning. I know sugar is something really sweet and not a good deal by using it too much but since its not an everyday thing, but I guess it is not prescribed as drug, therefore it will be still better than drug.
By Ley LestDecember
Stefen Chai
My DD gone through the pain of constipation few month back and it breaks my heart. Although I think we had given her plenty of water, fiber vege and fruit. We also try limit her on solid food such as rice and even bananas etc make sure that it helps to get her stomach moving. Somehow she still constipated. This was dicuss within my group of mid wives, they recommended to feed my dd with formula milk - especially milk that contain pre-biotics. They recommended me with Mamil Dumex. This formula milk really did the trick and it helps. You may have a try too
By Stefen ChaiDecember
Stefen Chai
We always use prune juice when DD has constipation.
By Stefen ChaiDecember
Hi my 24 month old little man has very bad constipation. I guess he forces himself so much and he gets sick. This poor fella screams as he goes toileting and really heartbreaking to see our little man suffer. Constipation had make him to become a very fussy eater, we had a hard time to get him to eat anything. He loves cows milk ( we giving him formula milk) and drinks a lot. Somehow we also make sure he drink plenty of water. At the end of the day, he is taking the laxative but it should be a short term solution. All advice welcome,thanks.
By su8sanhoDecember
See La
did u try to follow remedies that shown in the video?
By See LaJune
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