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    US drone secrecy: Licence to kill?

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    Barack Obama's favourite weapon, drones, are coming under fire: Washington claims they're the best weapon to fight extremists, but allies say they're fed up and human rights point to the collateral damage: hundreds of innocent civilians killed. Cyril Vanier and his panel discuss the legality of drone strikes and their efficiency.

    General (Rtd) Dominique TRINQUAND, Multilateral Operations Adviser, Consultant and Expert on the United Nations and peacekeeping operations;
    Lanah KAMMOURIEH, International Law Specialist;
    Romain MIELCAREK, Associate Researcher, Institute for Prospective and Security Studies in Europe;
    Jean-Baptiste RENAUD, Journalist and Co-producer of the Documentary "Drones, la sale guerre d'Obama" ("Drones, Obama's dirty war");
    Scott BATES, President, Center for National Policy;
    Oiwas KHAN, France 24 Observer.
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    Programme prepared and produced by Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis

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