Edwin McEnelly's Orchestra - Spanish Shawl

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McEnelly was very popular in the 1910's and 1920's. He formed his first band in Milford, Massachusetts in 1902. In the years that followed, McEnelly's "Singing" Orchestra became a local favorite and traveled throughout New England. By 1917, the band regularly played at Riverside Park in Springfield, Massachusetts. In the early 1920s, McEnelly's Orchestra broadcast regularly. Between 1925 and 1929, the band recorded twenty-one sides for Victor. With the onset of the Great Depression, McEnelly's recording career ended, but he continued to lead his band until failing health forced him to retire in 1942. In his later years, McEnelly worked as a violin teacher and piano tuner until his death in 1958. This brilliant record was made in 1928. Besides several unknown instrumentists, the band's personnel included F. Carle at the piano, W. Kauppi on cornet, W.C. Kihulein and H. Greene on trombone as well as E. J. McEnelly and C. Farrell on violin.

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Hi, there were many big bands that played at the Shelburne Inn, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller , Louis Prima , Rosemary Clooney to name a few, I was told that the bands would travel from Boston to Maine, then to Shelburne and then off to other venues. I was given a poster of Edwin McEnelly, is there anyway I can send a picture of it? thanks Carl
Par Carl Lessard en août
Welcome Spectrumlighting5555 to my channel and so delighted you enjoyed this posting. I am unaware of other bands playing at this place, which of course doesn't mean no other did. Musical life in the 20s was so rich and diverse, I guess I may well find out more someday.
Par kspm0220s en juillet
Hi everyone -I just received a poster from the Shelburne inn and ballroom were this orchestra played back in the day-I also received some photos also from 1925 of the Inn and barn, what a impressive place-if anyone has any info of other bands that played here let me know-Carl,, thanks
Par Carl Lessard en juillet
True Gala, but this music definitely is as happy as Spring :-)
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Indeed Jack, the renditions by this band are always so uplifting aren't they :-)
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
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