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    High school bullies: Girls force classmate to drink toilet water

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    A nearly twenty minute-long video of a girl being beaten by a group of her classmates in southern Guangdong province has spread online in recent days after being posted on a Chinese forum.

    The victim was forcefully stripped by seven girls and then beaten and kicked. The young girl's head was next shoved into a toilet and she was forced to drink from the toilet bowl.

    Despite repeated cries for help by the victim, the bullies didn't relent. They instead forced her to kneel down, cut her hair and used mascara to draw pictures on her body.

    After finishing the grueling torture, the bullies struck a pose for the camera.

    A police investigation found that the video was taken in March, 2009. The victim was identified as a student of a vocational school by a local newspaper. The girl joined the school that March, but left following the incident in April. School officials have claimed not to know of the incident.

    Police have ascertained the identities of the bullies and say they intend to mete out justice on the evil girls.


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