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    Utah Goblin Valley rock toppler Glenn Taylor pursuing personal injury lawsuit

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    Thank KUTV for unearthing fresh dirt on Utah's foremost rock aficionado, Glenn Taylor. Yes, Glenn Taylor is the most popular Boy Scout leader in the country this week! Not because of his fireside improv-comedy, nor because he might play fast and loose with the Brownies, but because he took it upon himself to save the future from a dangerously balanced rock that managed to stay up for 200,000,000 years but was totally gonna fall on some kid, for serious.

    Now, thanks to KUTV's Chris Jones, Mr. Taylor's sideline in dubious lawsuits has had the light shone on it. In 2009, Glenn Taylor was in one of four cars that were hit by the 16 year old daughter of one Alan Macdonald. Nobody went to the hospital after the crash, but in September of 2013, Glenn Taylor filed a personal injury suit against Mr. Macdonald, claiming he has had to ""endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of joy of life." KUTV does an especially classy job of contrasting this assertion with video of Taylor hooting and beating his chest atop the ruin of the rock formation that he upset in the viral video. Well done, Mr. Jones!

    Well, luckily for Glenn Taylor, he was able to remember his "joy of life" killing injury just in time to lawyer up before Utah's 4 year statute of limitations on personal injury suits would have made it impossible for him to sue Mr. Macdonald. Depending on the sum Mr. Taylor and his attorney demanded from Mr. Macdonald, his insurance company would have probably settled out of court to avoid the related fees. But, in light of the viral video, showing Taylor still fit enough to reposition a boulder one month after the lawsuit was filed, Mr. Mcdonald's insurers might be a little more eager for their day in court after all.


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