Rolls Royce Found Sweeping Roads In India!

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Impressively, Rolls Royce has remained a much honored car of all the times. But disappointing at the moment, an image on internet seems to be ruling out its worth at a jiff. On and on, as one can see a vintage Rolls being tied with couple of brooms, and driven on the streets; by the means, we can expect the roads are needed to be made cleaner via the prestigious Rolls Royce itself, and not by any human labor instead.
As made known, the offensive activity carried on the vehicle was seemed to have been performed by one of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Learnt from the sources, Nizam was said to be refrained from buying a Rolls Royce in London. And as a revenge, on his trip back to India he took one from some of the else sources. And prudentially, did this activity to make the British carmaker ashamed of.
Apparently, the car in the image is the 'nineteen twenty five made Phantom coupe one', which has sloping front grille, round doors, massive tail, and a weight of over two tonnes. Well, this is the most expensive garbage car we have ever seen! What's your take?