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    by BalconyTV

    ESBEN SVANE performs the song "THE SUDDEN STOP" for BalconyTV.
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    Esben Svane is a Danish songwriter/producer based out of Copenhagen. He has been very active on the Danish music scene as a drummer and arranger in several well-acclaimed indie bands prior to his solo career.

    Esben released his debut EP 'Always Travel Never Arrive' in January 2011, and it was reviewed 4/6 in Danish music magazine GAFFA:

    "Cut down to vocal and piano or guitar most of the songs stand strong and lonely... The songs are well written and it's interesting how they can go different directions. Although the melody is the fundamental of the songs and the choruses are good, Esben's focus is more on the personal than the poppy."

    Esben signed with the Danish indie label Songcrafter Music in October 2012, and his second EP 'The Sudden Stop' was released on February 14th, and distributed through Fontana in the rest of the world. It peaked as #8 on the Danish iTunes chart and was praised by several Danish magazines:

    Bands of Tomorrow - 4/5 -
    GAFFA - 4/6 -
    Lydtapet - 4/6 -
    Skopet - 4/5 -
    Tjeck Magazine - 4/6 -

    "Esben Svane's voice clings amazingly and if you were to describe how it sounds, it would be as hard as describing the color red. The breathy voice with the well-chosen dubs is sharp and reminds you of an Irish folksinger and a bit of David Bowie, yet with a more emphasized American accent but also a whole lot of other associations comes to mind." - Lydtapet

    The release concert in Copenhagen was reviewed 5 out of 5 by 'Bands of Tomorrow' and they wrote:

    "Esben Svane has an ability to seduce all of his audience solely with his voice and his guitar. It is this way his songs should be heard. Not with a band or backing singers.
    It is the song and - not at least - the lyrics that are in focus, and they are performed in a completely honest and deeply personal way. They were done with a rarely seen nerve and soul that made me forget time and place, and made me step up and first of all - listen. Because that is what Esben Svane can do - he makes people listen. His lyrics are relevant and are performed well-articulated, so you have no doubt in what they want or where they want to go."

    In March 2013, Esben toured Ontario to promote 'The Sudden Stop', supporting JUNO Nominee Peter Katz on several dates and played two showcases at Canadian Music Week.

    In the Fall he will start recording his debut album, which will be released on Songcrafter Music in Spring 2014.

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