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    Germany Votes - High Stakes for Europe? | Quadriga

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    Angela Merkel's Conservatives look set to be the strongest block in the parliament after the upcoming national election in Germany. The country's economy is in robust shape in spite of the European debt crisis. But it is still not clear that Merkel will be reelected. Germany's European neighbours, too, are looking with interest - and mixed feelings - at the continent's largest economy.

    Our guests:

    Ulrike Winkelmann – one of the chief editors for domestic politics of the "taz" newspaper.

    Laura Lucchini – freelance journalist for the Argentinean newspaper “La Nación”, the “El País” in Spain, and the Italian publications “Linkiesta” and “L´Unità.”

    Alan Posener - author of several critically acclaimed books, among them biographies of the American idols John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Elvis Presley.

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