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    American Food Preferences Go South of the Border

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    by Geo Beats

    According to food industry experts, Hispanic favorites have become mainstays on US menus, and the cuisine is changing the way Americans eat.

    It’s been about 20 years since salsa was declared the American condiment choice, beating out ketchup for the number 1 spot.

    According to food industry experts, many other Hispanic favorites have since become mainstays on US menus, and south-of-the-border cuisine is quickly changing the way Americans eat.

    Tortilla sales have surpassed hamburger and hotdog buns, and the Tortilla Industry Association estimates that 85 billion of them are sold per year, not including the ones used to make chips.

    People could very well be washing those down with tequila, as the beverage has made its way onto the global top 10 list of most popular liquors.

    The popularity boom is attributed to several factors.

    One is that 25 percent of Americans are Hispanic.

    Another sales driver is the millennial generation, who tend to gravitate towards unique taste experiences and authentic products over buying big brands.

    Also adding to the popularity of Hispanic foods is that they’re easy to cook at home and don’t require special equipment like woks or skills like rolling sushi.

    The move towards healthier eating habits is also said to have helped the vegetable and salsa laden foods to enter –and take over - the mainstream.