Family Takes Ambulance to the Bank

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Desperate to get into her dying husband’s account so she could pay the family’s rent, a woman tricked ambulance drivers into taking the man to the bank.

A woman in China went to the bank to take money out of her husband’s account, but failed to enter the right passcode three times in a row, resulting in it being locked down.

When she requested it be reset, bank workers told her that the account’s owner would have to come in person and request that access be restored.

The problem with fulfilling the requirement was that the man was extremely ill and in the hospital.

His condition was so severe that he wasn’t even healthy enough to get in a cab.

Desperate because they relied upon the man’s pension account for rent and food, the family came up with a plan.

They told hospital workers that they wanted to take him home to die and arranged ambulance assistance.

On the way there the ambulance drove past the bank, and the family requested they make a stop.

The man was taken into the financial institution on a stretcher so he could have the password on the account reset.

After that was done, the group said they had changed their minds and wanted to return to the hospital.