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    Rare 15-Foot Long Whale Washes Up in California

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    The carcass of a 15-foot long whale washed up on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

    The ocean is home to some very rare wonders. This past week, two unique sea discoveries in California have scientists thrilled.

    In the most recent finding, the carcass of a 15-foot long saber-toothed whale washed up on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The location of the massive whale was shocking considering the sea creatures are commonly known to live in the deep waters in Alaska.

    Amazingly, the carcass of the 2,000-pound whale was intact, aside from a few recent shark bites. According to reports, the saber-toothed whale was a feamle and she was actually alive upon washing up on shore, however she wasn’t able to survive.

    The whale was hauled away and she was transported to the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum , which is where scientists are investigating how she died.

    Given that this type of whale is rarely seen in the wild, the condition of the body is allowing researchers to find out more about the species. A spokesperson for a local environmental group called Heal the Bay stated “This is the best. Previous finds aren't anything like this. This is a treat."

    The other discovery was an 18-foot long, rare oarfish found by a snorkeling instructor just off Catalina Island.