Why Your Stomach Growls

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A growling stomach is a result of gasses moving around in the digestive tract.

It’s a widely held belief that a growling stomach is a sign of hunger, and serves as the body’s reminder that it’s time to eat.

That’s not what actually happens, though.

Growling is a result of gasses moving around in the digestive tract. Food just silences the noises a bit.

The gasses can come from all sorts of sources, and considering that in total the digestive system, with all of its intestines and tubes, is over 25 feet long, that leaves a lot of room for them to develop.

One common way that air enters the body is by swallowing it. The faster a person eats or the more they talk while doing it, the more air they take in.

Excess gasses are also often created in the small intestine.

There they typically develop because of poor nutrient absorption. A common affliction that leads to excess gas in the small intestine is lactose intolerance.

Artificial sweeteners and fructose can also be the culprits.

Usually growling is more annoying than it is dangerous, but if it’s happening along with vomiting it could be serious and a doctor should be consulted.