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    Lady Gaga "Do What U Want" Cover Art & Madonna Twitter Rant!


    by ClevverMusic

    Gaga reveals new track & tweets about Madonna & Katy Perry!
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    Lady Gaga unveils sexy "Do What U Want" cover art and rants about Madonna and Katy Perry on Twitter! Little Monsters, Happy Monday and welcome back to ClevverMusic. At midnight Lady Gaga released her new R Kelly collaboration track "Do What U Want"! We heard a snippet of the song in a Beats commercial last week and now the full track is here. In every sense, she's calling out her haters. The EDM track feels fresh and Gaga sings unapologetically, "Write what you want/ Say what you want bout me/ If you're wondering/ Know that I'm not sorry". On Friday October 18th Mother Monster released the official cover art for the song via Twitter which also relays the song's rebellious message. The cover looks like a Polaroid, revealing some sexy golden locks draping down her back and we see her booty as we did at the VMAs- wearing nothing but a floral thong. Gaga's giving Kim K a run for her money here! And that's not all, Sunday night just hours before the "Do What U Want" song was officially released Gaga went on a Twitter rant calling out critics' hurtful headlines. She first tweeted, "Lady Gaga is a reductive Copy! She's over now!" With a picture that photo shopped Gaga and Madonna side by side in a similar pose. Obviously, she's showcasing how hurtful the press can be. In another tweet Gaga references Katy Perry, "Applause didn't debut at #1! Katy is better than her! #UWontUseMyMind I write for the music not the charts." Along with a photo comparing Katy's "Roar" and Gaga's "Applause" songs that were released on the same day. We like that Gaga is proclaiming the headlines don't bother her, continuing with another Madonna tweet, "Madonna hates Gaga shes over... I don't need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not". Along with a link to the interview Madonna did with ABC News where she claims Gaga has copied her. So do you think Gaga is smart to tweet these harmful headlines herself? Do you think it will make it stop? Tell us! And watch more videos here. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Kingma. Do what you want! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!