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    WEB NEWS - France: online reactions over NSA surveillance allegations

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    Today on the net, French web users react to NSA surveillance allegations. A photographer highlighting the problem of street harassment. And a man solves a Rubik’s cube suspended in the air!

    France: online reactions over NSA surveillance allegations
    According to a report published in French daily Le Monde on Monday, The US National Security Agency, the NSA, has intercepted over 70 million emails, telephone conversations and text messages sent or made in France between December 2012 and January 2013. French netizens have taken to social networks in their droves to voice their shock and anger.
    Many, like this Twitter user for example, are simply outraged by the NSA’s mass surveillance of private communications within France. People want the French government to deliver a firm response, urging president Hollande for example to send a very strong message to the US by withdrawing from the NATO military command.
    And while a lot of web users are condemning the US intelligence services, others are saying the French authorities must have known something about the level of spying taking place. This blogger suggests the current unrest within the government and the summoning of the US ambassador over the spying report is nothing more than a communication ploy aimed at covering up the government’s inability to have prevented such mass surveillance.
    The revelations have sparked widespread commentary online and have also it seems inspired online comedians who have been posting ironic and sarcastic messages for the NSA. Some asking the US agency to help them find lost emails, others are asking for copies of their recorded telephone conversations.
    Photographer takes portraits of men who ... Go on reading on our web site.

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