DEBATE - Can Iraq be fixed? (part 2)

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More than ten years after the US army toppled Saddam Hussein, the country has elections, political parties and a functioning news media - but what good is democracy if there is no security? Almost every day brings news of sectarian attacks, most of them carried out by Al Qaida against Shiite targets. Cyril Vanier and his panel discuss whether the country can avoid civil war.

William JORDAN, Former State Department Official;
Peter GALBRAITH, Senior Diplomatic Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferatio; Former UN Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan;
Myriam BENRAAD, Political Scientist;
Abdelrahman Dara Suleiman, Iraqi Writer and Political Analyst.

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Programme prepared and produced by Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel and Dorothée Kellou

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