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    Instant Foreplay with Spice Audio Books

    Jina Bacarr

    by Jina Bacarr

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    Jina Bacarr, author of "The Blonde Geisha" and coming in July, "Naughty Paris," talks about how Spice Audio books can improve a woman's sex life. "Read an erotic novel beforehand to rev up your libido," Jina says. What if you don't have time to read a novel before that big date on Valentine's Day? "Now you can download romantic stories like 'The Blonde Geisha to your iPod or computer from, " says the author of the erotic novel that takes place in late nineteenth century Japan. "Try it when you're putting on your makeup, getting dressed, or slipping on those high-heeled stilettos. No one--not even the man in your life--knows what you're listening to but you."