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    Disney Pixar Cars Re enactment scene with Screaming Banshee, Colossus XXL , Tractor , Lightning McQu


    by ianmacdon

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    Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan presents ,today's re-enactment video features some of the favorite characters of Disney's Pixar Cars and Pixar Cars2. We feature Mater and Lightning McQueen of course, but also the little Tractor, the huge Colossus XXL, and the gigantic Screaming Banshee.
    In this re-enactment we do the scene from Cars1 when Lightning and Mater sneaked up on the tractor (much to the delight of Mater) he causes the tractor to tip over, Lightning has the same luck but he has no horn, so he revs his engine very loud...then in Cars2, both Mater and Lightning cause Colossus to tip over when they both blow their horn, and rev the engines up at the same time.
    In the make-believe part of the video, Mater and Lightning mistakenly go into the wrong field and wake up the Screaming Banshee...and in a matter of seconds, they are devoured by him. Luckily, the Banshee is designed to eat rocks, and Lightning and Mater passed straight through his belly.
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