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    Super Soul Every-Day!

    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    Hey, Hey, Hey, I just made this on the Day of October 20th 2013 then quickly posted it up for anybody who wants to see-Hafdav3000...Yeah, I know I am special!....A-lot of people want to see me!!!-LOL! , Thanks to all my supporters, I appreciate yall a whole lot.

    I Went Found Some 1 Better That Day, Ha-Ha To That Mean Ratchet-LOL! I found me somebody better!!!!-LOL! and I will get me some more ladies, blessings+ 1 of my favorites besides G-O-D and myself, That Is ...More Money!!!!-LOL!,, More Money, More Cash, More Money, Like My Song on Here...More Money, More Cash, More Mon-NAY!-LOL! Yeah My Life Keeps Getting Better!-LOL! Mo Better, Mo Better!!!-LOL! Mo Better Living!-LOL! (More Better-LOL! )

    Most of what I'm doing here is improvisation and building of the original song ''Holy R U'' by Rakim, For Entertainment Purposes. I'm just paying respect to the legends, prophets, and bigging up the Creator, the Almighty God, The Most High-Much Much Love to G-O-D.

    Just to clear any misinterpretations, I said if anybody is disrespecting any of the prophets then they could ''Go To Hell'' and They Can Stay There Too!-LOL! Those Evil Haters Can Incinerate and They Can Burn , Baby, Those Haters Can Burn, Burn, Burn, Baby They Can Burn, Burn, Burn Baby These Evil Haters Burn, Baby They Can Burn-Urn, We Aren't Chimps, We're Not All Ignorant, We're Not Primates, That Hater Can Burn, Burn, Those Haters Can Burn-LOL #Peace