New technology uses common Wi-Fi signals to read gestures through walls



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A team of computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a gesture control technology which makes use of existing WIFI signals and needs no visual sensors. WiSee uses common WIFI signals and a modified receiver such as a router. The technology measures the subtle differences in WIFI signal frequency caused by people's movements, known as the Doppler effect. As WIFI signals and their reflections travel through walls, a person's gestures can still be captured by the receiver in another room. Users can activate the WiSee by performing a pre-programmed gesture. Each antenna of the receiver can be tuned to an individual user, allowing up to five people to all perform gestures in the same room without confusing the receiver.

WiSee is a breakthrough technology in gesture recognition. It is the first which doesn't require the user to be in the same room as the device or receiver.


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