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    Kenya mall attack: new security camera footage revealed

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    Kenya mall attack: new security camera footage reveals the horror that took place inside the Westgate Mall in Kenya on September 21, 2013.

    The closed circuit footage shows scenes from the day armed terrorists stormed the shopping mall, in an attack that killed 67 people. On camera, the soundless footage shows panicked shoppers and mall employees fleeing gunfire as the attack unfolds.

    The most gruesome moments from that day are not shown. But what has been made available is enough to shock. The terrorists walk through the mall, casually firing their rifles and talking on mobile-phones. They can also been seen praying.

    The footage was obtained by CNN. In one particular violent scene, a terrorist is seen shooting a fallen man from only a few feet away. The man slides around in his own blood as he struggles to escape. A second gunman walks back to kill him off.

    Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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