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    by BalconyTV

    GEORGE IRELAND AND THE WILLY NILLIES performs the song "QUEEN" for BalconyTV.
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    PRESENTED BY Cheryl Wiwat

    The infamy of the talented George Ireland began when he was a young lad in Northern Alberta. Writing from his many experiences, whether living on the street in Vancouver, or a cabin in the wilds of B.C. and across the country, Ireland knew that music was his trusted guide.

    Throughout his colorful journey, his musical tastes and mastery of a variety of instruments grew. Along the way, he has shared the stage with many a band, and talented musicians. Most recently, Ireland has pursued group efforts as George Ireland and the Willy Nillies. The group consists of George Ireland (guitar/vocals), Dustin Lambert (mandolin), Cam Boyce (fiddle/vocals), Kristy Nanise (washboard), Megan Kemshead (bass), Darren Radborne(trumpet) and Kelly Doiron(drums).

    To define the music of George Ireland and the Willy Nillies is like trying to describe the sights, sounds and sensations one might see at a traveling freak show. Ranging from hillbilly to gypsy, ballads of love or loss, punk to folk, as well as traditional Klezmer, Ireland and the Willy Nillies deliver it all with a moustache twirling grin and fine guitar picking panache. It even inspired a published comic strip and a comic book character of George Ireland hatching from a mysterious dragon egg, then discovering powers, as well as time and space travelling through portals. Get your stompin' boots on and tie em' on tight! It's going to be a fun ride!

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