Cleaning Device Concept Triggers Tiny Robots to Clean Your House

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A new entry in Electrolux design competition called Mab basically eliminates the need to lift human hands for the purpose of tidying up and cleaning a home.

While technology has made our lives easier in many regards, cleaning our homes is still one of those tedious chores that takes way too much time.

However, a new entry in the Electrolux design competition called Mab eliminates much of the manual work.

As an automated cleaning system, it is comprised of hundreds of tiny robots that specialize in the cleaning of all surfaces. According to the designer “Mab will scan and clean up the house using the flight of the mini-robots, will also determine the areas in which the house is divided to run custom cleanings.”

The Micro-robots' ability to fly means there is no dusty or filthy area that they cannot touch. Ceilings, trim, corners loaded with spider webs...nothing seems to be out of reach.

The wings of each robot are responsible for collecting energy from the solar panels. The only work humans have to do is load the Mab system with water and a chemical substance that gives disinfectant properties.

Mab will then mix the components, scan the space and schedule maintenance cleaning cycles.

What do you think of the concept? Do you see yourself using it?