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    287 shirts in 54 seconds


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    hey here is this weeks website writeup
    "sUPEREDS 347 weekly internet video" for oct 19 2013 titled "287 shirts in 54 seconds" sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer/film editor/professional weird-0 billed as the 10th most stRangest person on de internet wears 287 diff. shirts in this original sUPERED video enjoy smile IIIII11111IIIIIsUPERED 101913sUPERED i have a series i do every sunday afternoon called "sunshine threw our windows"what i do in the series is tell people how this weeks sUPEREDS weekly internet video was made one of the things i do is wear a diff shirt every sunday .. thats how this video is possible each shirt is seen for 1 fifth of a second see how fast you can stop the video with your mouse and count the shirts haha thats all for now be good keep it real stay healthy have fun at no ones expense love each other and help those in NEED not want by love sUPERED