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    Bani _Ishq Da Kalma hai

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    The whole family is tensed for bani’s father’s health. They try to revive him desperately. All ladies are distraught. a doctor is called. The doctor comes and informs them that its a heart attack. Biji asks if he would be alright. He tels them not to worry as its a mild one. he tells them that they have to ensure that he’s out of stress as the slightest shock can be dangerous for him. He asks them to rest, as he has given him a sedative. He asks them to call if there’s a problem and ask them not to disturb the patient. They eye bani’s father, lying on the bed, emotionally. All are tensed and worried. Vikas too is surprised. soham goes out to leave the doctor. Bindal composes biji that he’s alright and would be fine very soon. Jas eyes vikas, and an awkward eyegaze follows. She takes vikas out, while he tries to clarify. she asks whats the fun that he derives in seeing their pain. He says that he’s come for an apology. jas asks if he and his family deserves it, as he has received a fatal blow. He asks to be given a chance then, so as to rectify their mistake. She says that she doesnt want to talk about his family. He asks to give their relation a chance. she says that she isnt in aposition to talk about that too. He says that she’s angry and hence doesnt understand, but he would talk later. as he leaves, jas eyes him, and rajji comforts jas.