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    Hi-tek - where it started at


    by jekyllah

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    [Chorus: Dion]
    Let me see where I started at (Uh)
    Hood cats are part of where it started at
    We hustle hard to keep the sharks fed
    For the score go to war like a jarhead
    (***We gonna take you all on a little trip to New York City!)
    (*With the first hello)

    [Verse 1: Jadakiss]
    Uh! Got alot of heart, best part is I'm clever too
    Hand skills, hard work, gun play whatever duke
    Tellin' in is not nice, lot of niggaz got life
    Everything is good in my bank except cop dice
    Harlems, Jordans, the hood can't afford them
    So they bootleg them now everybody sport them
    Dorms, cells, packages, mail
    Warrants, bails, everything's real now

    [Chorus: Dion]

    [Verse 2: Papoose]
    All I got is my word and my nuts, man I got Brooklyn in my balls
    So you could see Bed-Stuy if you lookin in my draws
    Always talkin bout you ballin, look you wanna ball
    Word on the streets, niggaz ready to put you on the wall
    You just a leg shooter, you aim your gun low
    I shoot my tek high I keep a Hi-Tek like the producer
    Pap ripped the Desi, till that clip is empty
    Man I'll have black buried in the cemetary
    Go 'head get your fetti, but you better tell holmes
    Messin with me will get black buried like a cell phone
    Punks pay dues not me I pay attention
    Call it New York cause we keep reinventin

    [Chorus: Dion]

    [Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
    Who flipped the vocabulary? Shadow my adversary buss 'em like a capilary
    Roaches and rats on every corner when it's warmer but New York is used to that already
    Manhattan built the cemetaries where the blacks is buried
    I take the Staten Ferry I walk to Broadway
    I talk to chicks along the way with John Forte
    Used to do this all day burnin in the project hallways
    Discussin strategies in the court case
    I rock the Northface cold like winter
    I'm from Brooklyn like the D-Cep and low life niggaz word
    Fuck the talking it's a New York thing
    We aboard but, all things considered we all kings, what