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    Man Arrested Twice on Same Day at McDonald's

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    A 47-year-old man was recently arrested twice in one day for his inability to avoid trouble at a local fast food joint.

    Some people just can't get enough of McDonald's.

    A 47-year-old man was recently arrested not once, but twice in one day for his inability to stay away. (1,1,1)The male William Gilmore, Jr., who is said to be homeless, landed in handcuffs for an assault which occurred at the McDonald's in Riverhead, New York.

    According to Southampton Town Police, Gilmore became upset with a fellow patron about a spot in line and ended up punching the other customer in the face.

    The victim sustained contusions along with an abrasion and a laceration above his eyes, which required stitches. Police quickly arrived on scene to arrest and charge Gilmore with third-degree assault.

    He was also informed by officers that he was not permitted to enter the McDonald’s restaurant or be on the property. Gilmore seemed to understand the terms of his punishment and he was released from jail later that same day.

    However the first thing he did was go right back to the same Mcdonalds where the alleged assault occurred to purchase a meal for himself. The manager contacted police and they again rushed to the scene.

    They rearrested and recharged Gilmore with third-degree criminal trespassing.