The Health Benefits of Standing Instead of Sitting

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Standing has been found to reverse a bit of the damage excess sitting does, getting some of the body’s functions back to working at an optimal level.

Between sitting at a desk at work, in front of the TV at night, and sleeping, people spend up to 19 hours a day being sedentary.

It’s not shocking that researchers have determined that’s not a good thing.

Spending the bulk of the day in a chair or on a sofa has been linked to earlier mortality, cardiovascular disease, and even some cancers.

It also messes up the way the body processes sugar.

Hitting the gym, even on a regular basis, hasn’t proven to be the type of activity that diminishes those risks.

Standing, however, has been found to get some of the body’s functions back to working at an optimal level.

In a study performed at the University of Chester in the United Kingdom, the researchers discovered that standing for three hours a day made a big difference.

The blood glucose levels of the participants adjusted as they should and one woman reported that her arthritis was bothering her less.

Also, they burned .7 more calories per minute. While that doesn’t sound like much, standing instead of sitting 5 days a week for a year can amount to a loss of 8 pounds.