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    by ClevverMusic

    Nicki Minaj "Pink Aventador Vlog":
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    Nicki Minaj takes us for a ride in her new behind the scenes video of her clothing line press day, and gets pulled over by the cops! Hey Barbz welcome back to ClevverMusic, Happy Friday. As you know Nicki Minaj launched the Nicki Minaj Collection at Kmart this week and has now released a video vlog giving us a look at the day and showing off her new Barbie Pink Lamborghini Aventador sports car! In the clip titled "The Pink Aventador Vlog" we see Nicki hopping in her Pink Lambo at home and driving through Hollywood to the local Kmart, rolling up with the doors already open. Gotta let the fans get a glimpse right? Nicki poses on the pink carpet rolled out for her inside the store and we see do some media interviews. In one chat she reveal her goal for the line, "...take Kmart to another level in terms of how people view Kmart..." and goes on to compare her line to fashion brand Versace doing a line for H&M. Leave it to Nicki to strive for the best! After doing press and taking photos inside the store Nicki posed with some adoring fans outside and drives away in her flashy Pink ride. We're no experts on the matter but we think driving with the doors still open is a little dangerous... and turns out the police agree. Nicki and boyfriend Safaree (following her in a red Mercedes) get pulled over by LA's finest! There's no audio of the encounter but we're going to guess it had something to do with driving with the doors open. Or maybe it was for painting a Lamborghini pink? Just kidding. No word on if Nicki got a ticket or just a warning. You decide! Check out the vlog yourself and also check out more Nicki news right here on ClevverMusic while you're at it. I'm Misty Kingma this is ClevverMusic catch ya later. - Follow Misty!