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Sorcha Richardson - Last Train

il y a 4 ans816 views

Sorcha's new EP has been worth waiting for. We're very proud to get her on board on CROSSWALK.
She's proving once again her huge talent that touches us beyond the traditional codes of folk music. Her unique voicing and some great production skills give us the chance to enter Sorcha's universe that stands between indie/alternative pop and folk. Fulled with melancholia, but never too negative, the lyrics have something universal that we can all identify with.
The three magnificent original tracks get balanced by two wonderfull remixes. Lexer, who already remixed Sorcha's song Alone along with David K last year, dived into the main title of the EP Last Train. The result is a real deep-pop gem that will stick to your playlist for quite some time. Finally, Rauschhaus has reworked Do You Still..., empowering it with some wonderfull arrangements. - LineSession : (Re)Discover the finest Indie Music Selection. Line Session is your channel for all the indie, electro music, where you can experie

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Sorcha Richardson - Last Train
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