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Spatial Awareness - Richelieu (South Jefferson Street Remix)

il y a 4 ans47 views

Spatial Awareness - Richelieu (South Jefferson Street Version)


Out on download: 11th November 2013



Spatial Awareness follows recent warmly-received releases on Hottwerk and remixes for DPPLGNGRS, and RetroPhobia, with a brand new slice of house, marinated in decades of disco history - Richelieu.
There are two versions of Richelieu, each named in homage to the iconic places so important in influencing and shaping the Spatial Awareness sound.
The first of the two is the South Jefferson Street Version, a huge piece of straight-up Chicago house as it should be; like computers jamming in a dark room with sweat dripping down the walls, all bleeps and 808 and 303 action.
The second version heads toward the sound of disco’s other lovechild, garage; taking things to a depth where the bleeps give